Throughout the year, the A3 Québec organizes various wine events for industry professionals and the general public that aim to promote the world of wines, beers and spirits.



These events are open to A3 Québec member agents only.

Specialized media tastings are organized monthly in collaboration with the A3 Québec member agencies to introduce the newest products available in Québec to wine critics and bloggers who regularly publish in Québec newspapers or in wine, beer and spirits, gastronomy and/or lifestyle trade magazines.



Participation in the event as exhibitor is open to everyone, both members and non-members. A3 Québec members benefit from special rates.

The Grande Dégustation de Montréal is an exhibition in which 200 wine growers, distillers and brewers come together to share their passion with more than 13,000 wine, beer and spirits enthusiasts, connoisseurs and professionals, in a truly exceptional experience. For more information, visit