Membership benefits



A3 Québec works closely with the SAQ and other public or parapublic organizations to defend the interests of its members, notably by:

  • Setting a common policy regarding external relations and objective information for consumers.
  • Training members to achieve the greatest cooperation with their representatives, the SAQ and consumers.
  • Seeking to achieve a degree of consistency in the economic laws, regulations, and business practices between Québec and exporting nations or other Canadian provinces.
  • Maintaining product quality, respect for commercial brands and protected designations of origin, in order to safeguard consumers.
  • Liaising on a regular and constant basis with representatives of the SAQ, the Government of Québec, industry associations, the media, public interest groups, and others involved in the promotion and sale of alcoholic beverages in Québec.


A3 Québec provides exclusive information to its members, including:

  • Weekly archiving and analysis of all SAQ communications: news releases, calls for tenders, documents added to SAQ-B2B and Promopunch, etc.
  • Quarterly publication of the info-A3Québec newsletter, which contains information regarding ongoing business with the SAQ, a calendar of upcoming meetings and events, etc.
  • Weekly publication of an industry press review.
  • Publication and updates of A3 Québec press list.
  • Transmission of various offers beneficial to the development and visibility of agencies (calls for samples from wine writers, producers seeking agents, partnerships, listing of qualified candidates, etc.).
  • Support and guidance, as needed.


A3 Québec offers visibility to its members, such as:

  • Publication of the membership directory on the A3 Québec website.
  • Promoting A3 Québec member agencies to the SAQ, members of the trade press, potential suppliers, related trade organizations, etc.
  • The possibility of networking and exchanging with other A3 Québec member agencies or SAQ representatives during annual meetings, committees or working groups open to member agents.


On a regular basis, A3 Québec organizes events reserved exclusively for member agents to promote their products to trade writers and SAQ consultants.

Also, A3 Québec organizes the Grande Dégustation de Montréal. World-renowned, this annual exhibition is the largest gathering of wine producers in Eastern Canada, open to both professionals and the public. Voting members of A3 Québec who participate in the event as exhibitors benefit from special rates.


As a member, you are invited to play an active role in shaping A3 Québec policy, through the board of directors, general assemblies, committees and working groups on current affairs and industry growth.


Types of members



To become a voting member, the company must be incorporated and active in the wine, beer and spirits industry for at least two years as sole representatives of distillery products, vintners or brewers, in Québec, Canada or abroad. They have a place of business in Québec and supply products to the Société des alcools du Québec or any organization in lieu thereof. The company must generate minimum sales levels as determined by the board of directors. The status of voting member is granted upon adoption by the board of directors.


Any person, individual or company in a sector related or complementary to the representation of wine, beer or spirit products, but does not qualify as a voting member. The status of corresponding member is granted upon adoption by the board of directors.


Want to become a member?



Voting members       Standard rate
Retail sales less than 5M$       $997,50 
Retail sales $5M and more       $1 155 00 
Retail sales $25M and more       $1 260,00 
Retail sales $50M and more       $1 575,00 
Retail sales $100M and more       $2 205,00 
Retail sales $200M and more       $2 625,00
Corresponding members       Standard rate
    -   $997,50



To submit an application, click on the link below. We will get back to you shortly.*


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* Acceptance : the candidate submits their application to the A3 Québec (…). Upon verification of the candidate’s qualifications, the request will be put to a vote by the board. If a favourable majority is reached, A3 Québec will advise the candidate. Once accepted, the candidate must agree that they and their company will commit to the obligations and requirements included in the association’s constitution, goals and regulations. (Excerpt from A3 Québec regulations, Section 5.05, Membership Application)