Montreal, December 6, 2018 – On the eve of its 50th anniversary, the Association québécoise des agences de vins, bières et spiritueux (AQAVBS) announces that it will become A3 Québec and hold a new annual awards ceremony, the Prix de l'industrie.



The A3 Québec team mandated Ogilvy Montréal to develop its new identity. “This new brand image aims to express the dynamism of an industry that’s experiencing steady growth, especially with the arrival of generations of enthusiastic professionals, who have visions and ambitions that bridge the gap between the achievements of the past and promising ones for the future,” says Catherine Lessard, General Manager of A3 Québec.

A3 Québec refers to the three A’s: “Association,” “Agencies” and “Alcohol.” The number “3” also refers to the three main pillars on which the association's actions take place, namely producers, agents and consumers. Finally, “à trois” invokes working together toward a common goal and underscores the association's values of collaboration, teamwork, consensus building and balance.



Each year, the Prix de l’industrie will recognize the achievements of professionals or companies that have promoted wine, beer and spirit marketing in Quebec. This annual event aims to be a friendly and festive occasion to celebrate an industry that promotes the pleasure of discovery and

sharing. The awards will highlight the industry's spirit of innovation and creativity, whether in terms of marketing, outreach, customer service or social responsibility. “The Prix de l’industrie will become a benchmark in Quebec to highlight and recognize the expertise and exceptional talent of people and companies who inspire, mobilize and help our industry evolve,” says Christine Fréchette, Vice-President of Strategy of the A3 Québec Board of Directors.



Today, in the presence of A3 Québec members, the first Prix de l’industrie was awarded to Alain Brunet in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the discovery, outreach and growth of the wine, beer and spirits industry in Quebec.

“Alain Brunet is a proponent and driver of the marked acceleration in recent years of a more modern and coherent approach that has helped develop a continuously flourishing and diversified industry. His actions and commitment testify to the SAQ's remarkable desire to bring together a community of curious and passionate people that extends from producer to consumer,” says Roch Bissonnette, Chairman of the Board of Directors of A3 Québec.

"If I’ve been able to contribute to the vitality and influence of this great industry, I can say mission accomplished. One thing is certain, teamwork, the spirit and willingness to build partnerships – as is the case with the SAQ and partners like A3 Québec – have allowed me to do better and reach further, faster,” says the first Prix de l’industrie winner. Alain Brunet is the outgoing President and CEO of the SAQ, a position he has held for the past five years. During his 37-year career at the SAQ, he rose from Intern Clerk to Chief Executive Officer.


About A3 Québec
Founded in 1969, A3 Québec has 85 members, including 65 wine, beer and spirits agencies, which account for more than 95% of sales to the SAQ. Working on behalf of producers, these agencies ensure the development of the wine, beer and spirits market in Quebec. Each year, A3 Québec organizes La Grande Dégustation de Montréal, the largest wine event in Eastern Canada.


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