To be recognized as such, an agency must first be registered at the Registre des entreprises individuelles, des sociétés et des personnes morales du gouvernement du Québec in the economic activity sector of promoting the sale of alcoholic beverages.


Agents must obtain power of attorney from each of their wine, beer and/or spirits producers to be able to act for certain aspects of their product merchandising at the SAQ. Producers are responsible to the SAQ for the actions of their agent. The power of attorney form is available on the SAQ portal, under Policy and Standards in the Power of Attorney section.


To learn about the procedures for private importation, we invite you to consult the documents on the SAQ portal, under Private Order.


Information regarding the introduction of new products to SAQ outlets is also available on the SAQ portal, under Policy and Standards. Every supplier who wants to submit a tender for a new product must address the SAQ directly, pay the fees to open and study the file required for each product proposed, and act in accordance with the terms of the call for tenders available online.

According to Québec law, only the SAQ can sell bottled alcoholic beverages in Québec. Therefore, the sale of alcoholic beverages, available at the SAQ or by private order, must be conducted directly between the SAQ and the buyer. This means that the SAQ is responsible for receiving the orders, invoicing the customers, receiving payment, and delivering the products to the customers*.

* Except for certain artisanal or industrial producers with a permit, or licensed grocery stores.

For additional questions, contact the SAQ’s Business Relations Assistance Service