A3 Québec brings together 75 wine and spirits agencies that represent 95% of the sales across the SAQ network. A3 Québec member agencies employ more than 2000 people. Each agency has its own unique identity, specialty and strategy. This great diversity offers Québec consumers a varied selection of products, in line with their tastes.


In a way, agencies can be said to be the extension of wine, beer and spirits producers throughout the territory of Québec. They help the producers they represent find a place for their products on the Quebec market. They ensure the marketing of their products and act as commercial representatives for producers who want to increase their share of the market. Agencies are therefore a positive and dynamic force in the wine, beer and spirits industry. They analyze market trends, interpret them in terms of consumer tastes, and take charge of introducing the products they represent to retailers and consumers.


For several years, wine, beer and spirits agencies have worked closely with the SAQ towards a common goal: to provide Québec consumers with a wide selection of quality wines, beers and spirits from around the world, at a fair price.